Swami Netero

24273500_1573692986030658_5792868720933188021_oReal Name – Jordan Ross Levi

Other Aliases – Pharaoh Netero; Lord Swami

Bio – If you ask anyone who’s been an active part of Vegas’s booming Hip Hop or Punk scenes since late 2014, I bet you my only arm they’ll recognize the name Swami Netero. With 5 official projects, more than an album’s worth of features, and multiple music videos under my belt, you could say I’ve put in my fair share of groundwork. I’ve performed at countless shows throughout the West Coast — many of which were thrown by myself — opening up for successful artists like: Rel$ of the Los Angeles-based rap duo OHNO, Gavlyn of DJ Hoppa’s record label ‘Broken Complex’, Blimes Brixton(Formerly battle rap legend OhBlimey), Z-Man(Close associate of Hieroglyphics), OC rapper Gremlin, San Francisco rapper Lil Yase, I-Suppose(Formerly Phora’s tour manager), and Chris Gee(Formerly a member of Phora’s collective Yours Truly), proof that my music can entertain angry backpackers and barred out teens alike. I’d say the most distinct characteristics of my style are my gripping perspective, flat out honesty, and gritty attitude. I epitomize the underground, indie, and DIY philosophies to the core, being able to handle virtually everything for a track, from engineering to graphic design, as well as publishing and distribution through my independent record label I co-founded with my brothers and friends, Blue Lotus Entertainment. Our goal isn’t to make music that follows current trends, but to make music that we love.

My parents played various genres of music while I was raised, including: Rock, Funk, Reggae, R&B, and Pop, but the genre played the most by far was Hip Hop, almost all of it being mainstream. Artists I listened to heavily before my late teens were: 50 Cent, T.I., Ludacris, Eminem, Kanye West, Common, Lil Wayne, and Kid Cudi. As I got older, I was introduced by close friends to underground Hip Hop and instantly fell in love with artists and groups like: Insane Clown Posse, Jedi Mind Tricks, Celph Titled, Immortal Technique, MF DOOM, and Gang Starr. I felt much more connected to this style of Hip Hop, because it usually had more conscious and gritty undertones and a blatant disregard for mainstream appeal. As I began to take music seriously and develop my sound, I discovered more current underground acts and could be compared to artists like: Earl Sweatshirt, Denzel Curry, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, Phora, and Vince Staples for their style of raw lyricism and harsh expression of their rough upbringings.

Born out of a toxic marriage, homeless, and handicapped in late crack-era East Oakland, California, I statistically would’ve been lucky to manage a gas station. Due to my parents’ financial instability, I frequently moved around California as a kid, along with my twin brother(Hanuman) and two little brothers(Jerico and Rod) — living in family’s garages, shelters, cars, projects, and hotels. I also lived in Berkeley, Stockton, San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, California before finally settling in Las Vegas, Nevada when I was 6 years old, and was raised mostly on Vegas’s east side. While I was lucky to be born pretty smart, I still had to deal with many other issues as a child, such as: my dad’s chronic absence, my mom’s subscription pill and alcohol addiction, abuse from both of them, their eventual divorce, and being bullied in school, which would eventually lead me to find effective ways to cope with my problems. My mom and dad have written poetry and produced beats respectively since they were teenagers, and I have other family members who are talented musicians and artists as well — most notably Agerman of the legendary Bay Area rap group 3X Krazy, along with B.A. and Keak da Sneak — so my infatuation with music from early childhood was in my blood. What started as a natural affinity for reading books and poetry led to me and my twin reciting the poem ‘Don’t Quit’ by Jill Wolf at an Oratorical Fest at our elementary school when we were 6; However, I didn’t have the courage to write my first poem until I was 10, and didn’t write my first few rap bars until I was 11.

While I’d written a few poems and rap verses after then, I didn’t decide to take music seriously until I’d moved with my dad to my grandma’s house in California Pines, California — a town of about 520 at the time — to finish the last half of my senior year of high school. With nothing else to do but watch TV and look at the snow, I recorded my first few tracks with my dad and spent most of my free time writing music. I quickly fell in love with the art form, decided on a stage name for myself, and began brainstorming ideas for my first solo project. Initially using my tagging name at the time, Swami — which I’d chosen as a tribute to the late Guru of the legendary Rap duo Gang Starr — I knew I needed to add more to it to make it more unique. After looking up the meaning of Swami — meaning “One who is one with himself”, and in so being realizes they’re one with everything else and renounces all forms of denomination — I felt that a good addition to it would be the word Netero — which I blended from the word Neter meaning “aspect of god” and the letter O since it represents completion in the supreme alphabet, to mean male as in spanish, and since it made it sound better — altogether essentially meaning “nameless/formless male aspect of god” to me.

My first project ‘Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Vol. 1’ dropped on April 6, 2012 and was mostly made of tracks I’d written in Cal Pines, along with a few new tracks I’d written since moving back to Vegas. It mainly revolved around many of my experiences growing up and I wrote it intending for it to have a more conscious overtone. My second project ‘Mouthpiece Composer’ was written in roughly a month and dropped on my 19th birthday, June 5, 2012. Written mainly out of boredom from being out of college for a few months, I wrote it with the goal of being as lyrical as possible without any cuss words or hooks. My third project ‘Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Vol. 2’ dropped February 10, 2014 and was written to have the same conscious overtone as Bodhi 1. It covered many of my experiences since MC, such as problems I’d had with my girlfriend while living in Medford, Oregon for a year. My fourth project ‘Wordsmith’ dropped on August 12, 2016, and was mainly lyrically focused tracks along with some detailing my frustrations since moving back to Vegas — such as trying to come up in rap and issues with the mom of my first baby, who was born earlier that year. My fifth project ‘Conscious Intent’ has yet to be released, but it was mainly written to keep my creative juices flowing while I iron out the concept for my next project, ‘Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Volume 3’. Despite all the content already under my belt, I’m pressing my foot even harder on the rap games neck in the future!

Currently gearing up for my labels first tour, The West Coast Heat Tour, my main goals for the near future are to: be a great husband and father, perform in new cities, work with and open for great artists, perform at my first festival, and get more media coverage and placements, all in an effort to build more relationships in the music industry and grow my fanbase while I finish my next album ‘Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Vol. 3’, which will be my greatest project to date. My more long-term goals are to: reach financial stability off of my music, tour the country and world, negotiate sponsorships and endorsements, earn prestigious plaques and awards, make small strides in other forms of entertainment, and eventually become an icon. If you want to support my music or keep up with me, you can find the links to my music on all major digital music platforms and all of my social media links listed, as well as subscribe to my labels newsletter on my webpage https://bluelotusent.com/swaminetero. If you are a music industry professional who’s looking to contact me, I can be emailed at swaminetero@gmail.com or called at (702)793-1122. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this bio and listen to my music, and I sincerely appreciate your support!

Past Projects – Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Volume 1; MC(Mouthpiece Composer); Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Volume 2; Wordsmith

Next Project – Underneath The Bodhi Tree, Volume 3

Major Influences – Immortal Technique; Army of the Pharaohs; Phora; Sublime

Favorite Books – The Kybalion; Autobiography of a Yogi; The Alchemist; The Secret; The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Favorite Movies – Half-Baked; Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle; Harold & Kumar Go to Guantanamo Bay; Kill Bill, Volume 1; Kill Bill, Volume 2; Zeitgeist; Zeitgeist: Addendum; Zeitgeist: Moving Forward; The Legend of Atlantis; Waiting for Superman; The Union; Friday

Favorite Shows – It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia; Workaholics; Scrubs; Robot Chicken; South Park; The Boondocks

Favorite Foods – Chicken Wings; Chimichangas; Ice Cream

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