Blocktoberfest and the 18b Mash Up were dope af 😱! The turnouts were amazing, thank you all for coming out and showing support 😁🙏💖, that means more than anything 🙂. We’ve been busy af all year, I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. 18b Mash Up was our last show scheduled so far, but we’ll be sure to announce our November dates once we get booked 👍. Hanuman will be dropping the first single off a new project December 17th. He’ll be posting about that more as the date comes. He’ll also be dropping a video for Human Music very soon! Watch out for info on that as well 😁👌. Lots of new stuff otw, keep an eye out. Let’s finish the year strong! Thanks for reading guys 🙂. Check back for more updates. Peace




We’ve been busy ever since we got back from tour 😯. We have a few new updates this month 👌

First, if you haven’t listened to our latest 2 albums you’re fucking up 😤! Swami Netero’s Conscious Intent and Hanuman’s Summertime Dr. can be found on all online stores and streaming services 👌. Every link can be found at https://linktr.ee/bluelotusent. Go run those shits up 👏👏🔥!


Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft

Our next show will be at the legendary Nerd Bar in the Fremont Street Experience 😋👌🔥. It’s a dope ass lineup of some of the best artists in the city. Plus free video games, pool, and bowling in the bar! Pull up and enjoy the night with us 😁


Also, the next Blue Lotus organized show will be on October 19th 🙌🙌🔥🔥! We have a dope lineup of local artists, plus 2 homies from Medford, Oregon coming to shut the stage down 💪💪🔥. $5, all ages. You can pay at the door or purchase tickets at https://bluelotusent.eventbrite.com 👌. This is gonna be an amazing show, pull up and get turnt with us 😤👏👏🔥!



We have some more dope moves in the works as well 😏. Hanuman will be dropping a video for Human Music on October 24th. You can listen to that song on whatever online store/streaming service you prefer at https://linktr.ee/hanumanolam. He’ll also start rollout for another new album in December. And early next year we’ll be announcing our Europe tour 💪👏🔥! Keep an eye on us til then 👌, we’ll have a lot more dope shows in the meantime. Thanks for the support guys 😁🙏. We’ll have some more updates soon. Indie on Top ✊! Peace

New Albums

The West Coast Heat Tour was amazing 🙌! We’re glad to have traveled around the coast and networked with so many artists and supporters 😁🙏💖. We plan to do it again next year, so keep an eye out 👌🔥

But onto the real news… we dropped 2 new albums 👏💪🔥! Swami Netero’s album Conscious Intent dropped on July 27 and Hanuman’s album Summertime Dr. drops August 24. The 2 albums can be streamed or purchased anywhere by clicking on the links below 👇. Run them up 😁🙏✨!



Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft


Our next show is at Backstage Bar and Billiards with Oni Inc on September 30th. Flyer drops soon 👌. We also have more exciting announcements in the coming months 😏. Make sure to follow us on all our social medias to stay up to date 👌. Thanks for the love guys 😁🙏💖! More dope shit otw 💪🔥

Tour Time!

After 9 months of planning, The West Coast Heat Tour is finally here 🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥! Us and a huge lineup of some of the best Hip Hop artists across the coast will be doing shows in 9 different cities over the next 11 days 💪💪. Go to the page BlueLotusEnt.com/Tour for more info, and make sure to subscribe to the Facebook events and invite all your people! https://www.facebook.com/tours/187389845375913/. Spread the word 🙏, we’ll see you all soon 😁

The West Coast Heat Tour draft

Vegas Heat Marco

Phoenix Heat Young P

Coachella Heat Richy

LA Heat Richy

Sacramento Heat Richy

Redding Heat Richy

Medford Heat Richy

Alturas Heat Richy

Reno Heat W

Tour SZN

We had an amazing show at Shattered Bar this past weekend. Thank you to everyone for coming through :). But on to our next move…

The West Coast Heat Tour is 1 month away 🔥🔥🔥! We have a stacked list of local and Vegas artists in each city 👌. The 2 best DJ’s in Vegas on the boards each night. And the best photographer in Vegas capturing it all 😏. This tour’s about to be epic af 😤👏🔥🔥! Make sure to subscribe to the Facebook events through the link on the Tour page, and share the flyers with and invite all your people in each city! This is gonna be a movie for the whole coast, let’s make history 🙏✨The West Coast Heat Tour draft

We also have dope music coming out soon. Swami’s album is dropping, Hanuman’s album is dropping, a big festival coming up in August. It’s about to get real 🔥. Hanuman will also be doing an album release show on August 24th. More info for that soon. Keep an eye out for more updates! Peace

Summer ’18

This summer is gonna be epic 🔥🔥🔥! There’s a lot of moves in the works, so we have a lot of updates this month

First off, we just got added to a contest to perform on a festival with some of our favorite artists like Living Legends and Slightly Stoopid 😛🔥🙏✨! All you have to do is vote for Blue Lotus once a week at this link: http://arisefestival.com/vote-rock-the-fest/. Tell all your friends and family please! Every vote counts, and performing on this festival would be a dream come true 🙏✨FINAL-LINE-UP-2018-ARISE-CONDENSED-with-OPIUO-STICK-FIGURE_FORWEB-1

Also, The West Coast Heat Tour is officially 2 months away 🔥🔥! We’ll be going to 9 different cities in 11 days. Make sure to go the the Tour page to see the individual city flyers, which includes the dates, locations, lineups, etc. And make sure to subscribe to the Facebook event of any of the shows you’ll be attending 👌: https://www.facebook.com/tours/187389845375913/. Invite all your friends to each event near them too, this tour’s gonna be epic 😛🔥The West Coast Heat Tour draft

Our next show is a Gemini celebration/2Pac Birthday show set up by Raashan the Zodiak. This one’s a dope lineup of local artists 👌. The bar also has cheap drinks. Pull up and enjoy the occasion with us! We should also be doing a radio interview with WaavyFM from UNLV that day. Keep an eye on our social medias for that info 👌32325270_2028981353780815_8693872946592088064_n

The 3rd single off Hanuman’s upcoming album Summertime Dr. will drop June 14th! It’ll be on all online stores and streaming services. You can peep that when it drops and all his previous work at this link: https://linktr.ee/hanumanolam. Keep an eye out! There’s more heat on the way 🔥🔥Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft

Swami Netero’s next album is also almost done being recorded 👌. We just have to do some skits and master everything. You can expect it to drop before the summer’s out. Keep an eye out 🔥24294231_1573967072669916_1717290998700591760_n

As always, thanks for reading y’all 🙏! We’ll have more dope updates soon. Til then, keep an eye out on all our social medias for more frequent updates. Stay up 👌! Peace 🙏

The West Coast Heat Tour!

It’s almost summer time, so you know things are heating up 🔥! We have a few dope updates this month 👌

First off, Hanuman just released the 2nd single off his upcoming album Summertime Dr. You can peep it on whatever service you prefer at this link: https://linktr.ee/hanumanolamSummertime Dr. Front Cover Draft

2nd off, The West Coast Heat Tour is finally in full effect 🔥🔥🔥! We’ll be going to 9 different cities in 11 days with DJ AR, Richy Rozay, Jerico, The Dopest Matrix, The Recipe Films, and a massive lineup of other amazing artists 🙏. You can see the dates, lineups, and Facebook event pages on the Tour page. Pull up to the one nearest to you! And invite your homies, we want to make each night a movie 😛🔥🙏✨. Engage with #WestCoastHeatTour on all social medias to find everyone involved and make some good connectionsThe West Coast Heat Tour draft

And finally, we have a few other dope moves on the way. We’ll be doing a cypher in Compton on May 19 for The Hub Radio’s event, we’ll be doing a 2Pac/Gemini Season Celebration show at Shattered Bar on June 15, and we’ll be doing a radio interview with WaavyFM on June 16. Flyers and more info coming for those soon! Make sure to check back at the Shows page every once in a while for updates.

Thank you for reading again 🙏! We’re gonna be picking up the pace a lot with shows, music, and videos as we get closer to the tour, so keep an eye out 👌. Stay awesome 😁. Peace


Stuff’s really been picking up lately, so we have a lot of updates this month 👌

First off, Swami’s next album Conscious Intent is being released next month! We’ve been working on it for a while, so we know you guys are gonna love it. Keep an eye on his social medias for the drop!24294231_1573967072669916_1717290998700591760_n

Also, the 2nd single for Hanuman’s album Summertime Dr. drops April 27th! You can peep the first one and more at this link 🔥  https://linktr.ee/hanumanolamSummertime Dr. Back Cover Draft

Also, we have 3 shows lined up for April. The first one is on April 6th at Culture Collective with Lord Sober, Carat, and more. Shit’s gonna be lit, so come out 🔥!29527329_2033663606896000_987745397_o

The 2nd one will be on 4/20 at Cheba Hut, This one’s gonna be a huge festival with vendors, raffles, food deals, and more, so you’ll definitely want to be there for this one 👌29340055_372895079852995_3518932895353798656_n

And the last show we have locked for April is at DabrilFest! This is our first festival, so we’re glad our good homie Greg Weston put us on 🙏. We’re the only rappers so far, so come out and enjoy some rock before we rip the stage 🔥28958280_1469361023192110_610485021640338265_n

We also have some other major moves in the works 😛. We’ll be doing a cypher in Compton on May 19 with Scumbag Society from Hub Radio, and we’re doing a radio interview with WaavyFM from KUNV on June 16th. We’ll also be officially dropping our tour flyers and events on the Tour page of this website on April 19 😤🔥! So check back on that day for a full list of dates and lineups 😛👌. And we’ll be doing our 2nd annual rap contest over the summer. This spring and summer is gonna be one for the books 👏💪🔥🙏✨!

As always, thanks for reading 🙂. Make sure to follow all of our social medias to get more frequent updates. We’ve got even more moves in the works 😁. Blue Lotus, Indie on Top! Peace

Lotus Season!

Major moves are under way starting today 😎👏🔥!

First off, Hanuman just finished a new album called Summertime Dr. It drops August 24, and the first single “A Letter To…” just dropped today! It can be found on whatever service you prefer. Links here: https://linktr.ee/hanumanolam

Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft.png

Swami is also finishing up his new album Conscious Intent soon. Drops March 31st, keep an eye out for more singles and videos 😛😛👌

And, finally… we’re done organizing The West Coast Heat Tour 🙌🙌🔥! All venues are locked, we just need to finalize a few artist slots. All flyers and event pages will be dropped on the Tour page of this website on April 19. Keep up with our social medias for more updates! You can find all our socials on the Socials page of this website

We also added a Shows page, so make sure to keep up on that for our latest show updates. More shows, singles, and videos coming for the rest of the year. Also doing a second Rhyme Addicts Rap Contest this summer, so get them bars ready! As always, thanks for checking in guys 🙂. Come back soon for more updates. It’s Lotus Season boi 😤😤👏🔥. Indie on Top! Peace

Indie on Top

We did a bunch of great stuff and increased our fanbase a lot in 2017. Now we’re ready to keep up that same momentum in 2018 😤😤👏!

Swami is releasing his next project Conscious Intent on March 31st. He dropped the first single on January 1st. You can watch the 360 music video here:


Jerico also released his first album today! Mans hot af, go peep that shit right now on all platforms. Here’s the Spotify link:


Hanuman’s sophomore album Summertime Dr. starts rollout next month. First single drops when you least expect it 😏, so keep an eye on the social medias for the 🔥! Rodamy will also be releasing another project later on in the year.

Keep an eye out for show announcements! We have a few lined up over the next few months. We’ll also be doing our first tour in July. All flyers, events, and details will be added to the tour tab on April 19, so make sure to check back then to see if we’ll be stopping in a city near you 👌. We’ll also be doing another rap contest over the summer, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading guys 🙂. Let’s make 2018 epic 😤😤🔥! Indie on Top. Peace