The World Heat Tour is here!

I honestly can’t believe we’re doing this 😭😭🙌🏾! The World Heat Tour starts in Las Vegas at The Truth Spot, pull up and send us off with some great energy! $5, all ages, 7pm-12am. We’ll also have Blue Lotus Pro Clubs for sale on the whole tour for $5/€5 💪🏾. In black, white, red and blue. Small, medium, large, and XL. No small reds or whites though 😕. We gotta extra large blues and blacks cuz we figured more people will want those. Tell everyone you know in each city to pull up! We’re gonna spread Vegas as much as possible while we’re on the road 💪🏾. And share the flyers and videos using #WorldHeatTour 👌🏾. We also just got booked for a show in Blanding, Utah on Saturday, August 17, so watch out for that flyer and info. Thanks for the love guys 😁🙏🏾, we can’t wait to do this 😭🙌🏾! See you soon 🙂. Peace

World Heat Tour Flyer 2


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