World Tour!

We have a lot of updates this month 💪, the crew has been working hard. First off, we’re officially going on The World Heat Tour! We’ll be going to 11 cities across the West Coast and Europe from May 9-26. You can see all the flyers, event pages, tickets, etc on our Tour page. Make sure to share it with everyone you know in each city!

Jerico will also be dropping a greatest hits album on February 12th! You can find that on whatever streaming service you prefer by searching Jerico Greatest Hits. We’ll be adding his Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, etc to this link asap as well, so peep his Soundcloud and whatever else here 👌:

Our next show is February 16th, at Casa Verde. 211 S 9th St. Pull up! The lineup is wild, it’s gonna be a movie 💪🔥

Hanuman will also be releasing the 2nd single off his next album Rhetoric 2 on February 19 👌🔥, make sure to peep that wherever you want at this link on that day

We’ll also be doing a festival on 4/20, more info to come. Make sure to share this with some homies and pull up to the tour dates 😁🙏. We’ll see you all soon! Peace


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