Blocktoberfest and the 18b Mash Up were dope af 😱! The turnouts were amazing, thank you all for coming out and showing support 😁🙏💖, that means more than anything 🙂. We’ve been busy af all year, I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished. 18b Mash Up was our last show scheduled so far, but we’ll be sure to announce our November dates once we get booked 👍. Hanuman will be dropping the first single off a new project December 17th. He’ll be posting about that more as the date comes. He’ll also be dropping a video for Human Music very soon! Watch out for info on that as well 😁👌. Lots of new stuff otw, keep an eye out. Let’s finish the year strong! Thanks for reading guys 🙂. Check back for more updates. Peace



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