We’ve been busy ever since we got back from tour 😯. We have a few new updates this month 👌

First, if you haven’t listened to our latest 2 albums you’re fucking up 😤! Swami Netero’s Conscious Intent and Hanuman’s Summertime Dr. can be found on all online stores and streaming services 👌. Every link can be found at Go run those shits up 👏👏🔥!


Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft

Our next show will be at the legendary Nerd Bar in the Fremont Street Experience 😋👌🔥. It’s a dope ass lineup of some of the best artists in the city. Plus free video games, pool, and bowling in the bar! Pull up and enjoy the night with us 😁


Also, the next Blue Lotus organized show will be on October 19th 🙌🙌🔥🔥! We have a dope lineup of local artists, plus 2 homies from Medford, Oregon coming to shut the stage down 💪💪🔥. $5, all ages. You can pay at the door or purchase tickets at 👌. This is gonna be an amazing show, pull up and get turnt with us 😤👏👏🔥!



We have some more dope moves in the works as well 😏. Hanuman will be dropping a video for Human Music on October 24th. You can listen to that song on whatever online store/streaming service you prefer at He’ll also start rollout for another new album in December. And early next year we’ll be announcing our Europe tour 💪👏🔥! Keep an eye on us til then 👌, we’ll have a lot more dope shows in the meantime. Thanks for the support guys 😁🙏. We’ll have some more updates soon. Indie on Top ✊! Peace


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