New Albums

The West Coast Heat Tour was amazing 🙌! We’re glad to have traveled around the coast and networked with so many artists and supporters 😁🙏💖. We plan to do it again next year, so keep an eye out 👌🔥

But onto the real news… we dropped 2 new albums 👏💪🔥! Swami Netero’s album Conscious Intent dropped on July 27 and Hanuman’s album Summertime Dr. drops August 24. The 2 albums can be streamed or purchased anywhere by clicking on the links below 👇. Run them up 😁🙏✨!


Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft

Our next show is at Backstage Bar and Billiards with Oni Inc on September 30th. Flyer drops soon 👌. We also have more exciting announcements in the coming months 😏. Make sure to follow us on all our social medias to stay up to date 👌. Thanks for the love guys 😁🙏💖! More dope shit otw 💪🔥


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