The West Coast Heat Tour!

It’s almost summer time, so you know things are heating up 🔥! We have a few dope updates this month 👌

First off, Hanuman just released the 2nd single off his upcoming album Summertime Dr. You can peep it on whatever service you prefer at this link: Dr. Front Cover Draft

2nd off, The West Coast Heat Tour is finally in full effect 🔥🔥🔥! We’ll be going to 9 different cities in 11 days with DJ AR, Richy Rozay, Jerico, The Dopest Matrix, The Recipe Films, and a massive lineup of other amazing artists 🙏. You can see the dates, lineups, and Facebook event pages on the Tour page. Pull up to the one nearest to you! And invite your homies, we want to make each night a movie 😛🔥🙏✨. Engage with #WestCoastHeatTour on all social medias to find everyone involved and make some good connectionsThe West Coast Heat Tour draft

And finally, we have a few other dope moves on the way. We’ll be doing a cypher in Compton on May 19 for The Hub Radio’s event, we’ll be doing a 2Pac/Gemini Season Celebration show at Shattered Bar on June 15, and we’ll be doing a radio interview with WaavyFM on June 16. Flyers and more info coming for those soon! Make sure to check back at the Shows page every once in a while for updates.

Thank you for reading again 🙏! We’re gonna be picking up the pace a lot with shows, music, and videos as we get closer to the tour, so keep an eye out 👌. Stay awesome 😁. Peace


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