Stuff’s really been picking up lately, so we have a lot of updates this month 👌

First off, Swami’s next album Conscious Intent is being released next month! We’ve been working on it for a while, so we know you guys are gonna love it. Keep an eye on his social medias for the drop!24294231_1573967072669916_1717290998700591760_n

Also, the 2nd single for Hanuman’s album Summertime Dr. drops April 27th! You can peep the first one and more at this link 🔥  https://linktr.ee/hanumanolamSummertime Dr. Back Cover Draft

Also, we have 3 shows lined up for April. The first one is on April 6th at Culture Collective with Lord Sober, Carat, and more. Shit’s gonna be lit, so come out 🔥!29527329_2033663606896000_987745397_o

The 2nd one will be on 4/20 at Cheba Hut, This one’s gonna be a huge festival with vendors, raffles, food deals, and more, so you’ll definitely want to be there for this one 👌29340055_372895079852995_3518932895353798656_n

And the last show we have locked for April is at DabrilFest! This is our first festival, so we’re glad our good homie Greg Weston put us on 🙏. We’re the only rappers so far, so come out and enjoy some rock before we rip the stage 🔥28958280_1469361023192110_610485021640338265_n

We also have some other major moves in the works 😛. We’ll be doing a cypher in Compton on May 19 with Scumbag Society from Hub Radio, and we’re doing a radio interview with WaavyFM from KUNV on June 16th. We’ll also be officially dropping our tour flyers and events on the Tour page of this website on April 19 😤🔥! So check back on that day for a full list of dates and lineups 😛👌. And we’ll be doing our 2nd annual rap contest over the summer. This spring and summer is gonna be one for the books 👏💪🔥🙏✨!

As always, thanks for reading 🙂. Make sure to follow all of our social medias to get more frequent updates. We’ve got even more moves in the works 😁. Blue Lotus, Indie on Top! Peace


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