Our last show of 2016 was great! Everyone had a really great time networking with some of the artists from LA and vice versa. We’d like to give a huge thanks to The Waterhole for allowing us to do the event there. However, due to the winter being cold as fuck, we did see a minimized turn out to our events last month. Less people want to do things when it’s freezing outside 😂. So we probably won’t be having another solely Blue Lotus set up event until it gets warmer. Either late March or April, depending on how the Groundhog feels 😂. Keep an eye out for that.

But on to our moves for this month. We just got a 360 degree camera, so we plan on using that to live stream some of the things we’re doing this month. Mainly the cypher and the Phoenix show (more on those later). Profane actually scheduled a small rehearsal show tonight for the Phoenix show, so we’ll be live streaming that for sure. Keep an eye out on our social medias for the link.

We also have a cypher scheduled to be recorded on the 13th. It’s a secret line up, but you can bet it’s 8 of the best lyricists this city has to offer. We should be uploading it to our Youtube channel by the following day. Make sure to keep checking up for it. You won’t be disappointed 😉.

We’re also releasing the first single for our next project January 13th! I (Hanuman) spent a little over 9 months working on this project. It was all written and recorded right after I got done writing Nirvana. A lot of my previous mixtapes have been real experimental. Just kind of seeing what I like or dislike. This is definitely another one of those. I finished about 25 songs for it, but I cut the final project down to 5. I think they’re really solid songs, so I can’t wait for you guys to hear them. Our current plan is to release a single every couple months tile September. And drop it then. But that plan may change overtime. So just keep up with us to stay updated.the-lotus-tape

The next show we’ll be doing will be The Tribe’s EP release on Saturday, January 14th! Their EP is amazing, so you definitely won’t want to miss them performing it live. Haresha just released a new project as well, so she’ll be performing some of that new stuff too. Theirs an amazing lineup of musicians and artists, so if you’re a creative of any kind you’ll definitely want to come out and vibe 😁


And finally, we’ll be closing out the month with our first show in Arizona 👏! It’ll be held at the Jukebox Dance Studio in Mesa. They’re a really great dance team that’s been making waves out there, so we’re glad they allowed us to do our first show there. We have 6 Vegas and 6 Phoenix artists on the bill, and they’re all gonna rip the stage apart ☝️. It’s free entry and all ages, so if you know anyone in the Phoenix area be sure to spread the word 😁


We have a few other larger things in the planning stages. So be sure to follow us on our social medias to stay updated on all of it. We’re hoping to start investing in merchandise in the next couple months too. When that happens we’ll add a store tab to the website. We have some cool ideas for designs, so we can’t wait to make that happen 👌. Stay blessed everyone 😁 🙏! Peace


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