New Years!

We’ve had an amazing year so far, and we’re definitely gonna close it with a bang 😁. We have 2 shows lined up for this month, and a cypher and another out of state show lined up for next month.

First off, the Overflow 6 show last month was absolutely amazing! It was unbelievable seeing so many people from all different factions of Vegas uniting together under one roof like that. That was definitely the best show we’ve been a part of setting up so far. We want to give a huge thanks to the HBTC crew and Zelly Vibes and Uraina Serna for helping make that event so successful πŸ™. You can view the recap below:


Our next show is actually another collab show with the HBTC crew. Their very own Brandon Millares will be having an album release show at The Waterhole. He has a stacked line up of amazing artists performing alongside him, so you definitely won’t want to miss it. The Waterhole also has awesome Hookah and Drink specials, so it’s definitely gonna be one you’ll want to attend πŸ”₯!



Our last show of the year will be another, very overdue Vegas Heat! This one will also be held at The Waterhole. The line up has some dope Hip Hop and acoustic acts, as well as a few LA artists. Not to mention a much anticipated rap battle! So this is definitely gonna be a show you’ll want to end your year with πŸ‘



We also have a local cypher scheduled with a few artists on January 13th. That’ll proly end up being more of a closed thing with a surprise line up 😏. But keep an eye out for the video πŸ‘Œ. It’s definitely gonna be an amazing showcase of the talent in the city

And finally, the last event we have lined up so far is our next out of state show in Phoenix! This one will be held at a very well known Dance Studio in the Phoenix are, The Jukebox. We have 12 solid artists on the line up: 6 from Vegas and 6 from Phoenix. So this is definitely gonna be a night of solid networking and amazing performances. Make sure to come out and enjoy it with us!



Make sure to check back every now and then for more updates. We’ve made a lot of major moves this year, so we plan on continuing that momentum in 2017 and beyond. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚! Peace


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