Tupac show!


Swami Netero’s debut album “Wordsmith” is finally out. He’s been selling physical copies like crazy. Make sure to hit us up to cop yours. Vegas Heat Expo was amazing! We were glad to see so many new faces. Our next Vegas Heat show, Vegas Heat 10, is planned for September 30. A flyer and event will be up soon.

But the next show on our agenda is a Tupac commemoration show! He died here in our city 20 years ago in September, so we thought it’s only right to host a show in his honor. We’re gonna have DJ AR on the board playing dope 90’s tunes for the first half. Then a couple dance routines from I.S.I. Group. And finally a chain reaction cypher hosted by Ndigineous! This one’s gonna be dope, so you won’t want to miss it :). There will also be a raffle for certain items from vendors. Buy in will be either $5, clothes, or food/hygiene items. All proceeds going to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Come out and have a great time guys! Keep an eye out for more updates. Peace


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