Summer’s End


Vegas Heat 9 was a huge success! We were glad to see so many new faces and artists. There was definitely some of the best performances and crowd engagement we’ve seen at our shows thus far. That being said, we’ve decided to take a month off of the Vegas Heat series to focus more on our next couple events planned. Vegas Heat 10 is slated for late September. Check back for more info.

We also have an art expo happening on the 13th! There’s going to be musicians, painters, and clothing lines all showing out, so this one will be engaging for all crowds. The show is planned from 8pm-1am, with the first and last hour being a DJ set to bring and and close out the night. There’s going to be some amazing performers and art, so we hope to see you out there :).

We also have another large show planned for early September. More details to come after planning is finished. Check back soon guys :). Peace


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