Danyull is a 22 year old rapper/producer/mixer/whatever-er from North Las Vegas with a large discography.

His main projects are on his Bandcamp but he has a multitude of projects and singles on his Soundcloud. He also released a project with Inspiring Thoughts from the TFY under the monicker “EQ”. It is aptly titled “I Don’t Care” which reflects his internal struggle of not caring about his rap career but being a self-proclaimed perfectionist as an artist.

His latest solo project “Cathartic” is a quick 10 minute EP consisting of 8 songs full of hard hitting rhymes, in-your-face beats, and transitions that make you feel as though the songs were over just as they began.

He also released a 3-song EP with the other two members of the TFY, Warlock and Caliber420, titled “5-3” because of the time period in which it was made. All of the beats, songs, and recordings were done in one night, starting at 5 PM till 3 AM. You can find it on Danyull’s Soundcloud.

He is currently working on his next project which he expects to drop sometime in the fall. Be on the lookout, it’s pretty wild.

Danyull’s Main Bandcamp

Danyull’s Soundcloud

EQ Bandcamp

You can follow Danyull on twitter @idkhowtoread


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