The Year Ahead


The Blue Lotus team is starting the year off strong! We’ve already had a couple shows this month, with another scheduled for January 30th. We’ve also recorded a few new songs this month, all for each members project releases this year. Kifo is scheduled to release his first EP next month. Expect a single or two over the next few weeks. Swami has also began work on his next project. Release dates are still iffy, but it’s planned to be released within the first half of the year. Hanuman has already finished mastering his debut album “Nirvana”, scheduled for release on May 18th. 3 singles will be released in February, March, and April respectively. Each with a music video planned for weekly release in April, leading up to the Pre Sale period starting April 20th. Keep an eye out for promo shows and interviews! Jerry Heartless and Lejind are also working on individual projects as well as a mutual one. Dates are also iffy, but when they drop it’ll be worth the wait. We’re also in the beginning stages of setting up Vegas Heat 4 for next month. The date, location, and artists will be sorted out over the next week. A Facebook event will be up within the first week of February. Be sure to check back for the flyer! We hope to see you there

P.S. There seems to be a problem with the I F order. “i.e. first”. I’m typing things right, but when I post it it messes up the spelling. Strange :/


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