Lotus Season!

Major moves are under way starting today 😎👏🔥!

First off, Hanuman just finished a new album called Summertime Dr. It drops August 24, and the first single “A Letter To…” just dropped today! It can be found on whatever service you prefer. Links here: https://linktr.ee/hanumanolam

Summertime Dr. Front Cover Draft.png

Swami is also finishing up his new album Conscious Intent soon. Drops March 31st, keep an eye out for more singles and videos 😛😛👌

And, finally… we’re done organizing The West Coast Heat Tour 🙌🙌🔥! All venues are locked, we just need to finalize a few artist slots. All flyers and event pages will be dropped on the Tour page of this website on April 19. Keep up with our social medias for more updates! You can find all our socials on the Socials page of this website

We also added a Shows page, so make sure to keep up on that for our latest show updates. More shows, singles, and videos coming for the rest of the year. Also doing a second Rhyme Addicts Rap Contest this summer, so get them bars ready! As always, thanks for checking in guys 🙂. Come back soon for more updates. It’s Lotus Season boi 😤😤👏🔥. Indie on Top! Peace

Indie on Top

We did a bunch of great stuff and increased our fanbase a lot in 2017. Now we’re ready to keep up that same momentum in 2018 😤😤👏!

Swami is releasing his next project Conscious Intent on March 31st. He dropped the first single on January 1st. You can watch the 360 music video here:


Jerico also released his first album today! Mans hot af, go peep that shit right now on all platforms. Here’s the Spotify link:


Hanuman’s sophomore album Summertime Dr. starts rollout next month. First single drops when you least expect it 😏, so keep an eye on the social medias for the 🔥! Rodamy will also be releasing another project later on in the year.

Keep an eye out for show announcements! We have a few lined up over the next few months. We’ll also be doing our first tour in July. All flyers, events, and details will be added to the tour tab on April 19, so make sure to check back then to see if we’ll be stopping in a city near you 👌. We’ll also be doing another rap contest over the summer, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for reading guys 🙂. Let’s make 2018 epic 😤😤🔥! Indie on Top. Peace

2017’s End

The LA show was amazing 🙌! It was great having so many great LA artists and fans come out to network with. We’re currently planning our first tour in July 2018, so keep an eye out for that info. We’ll be stopping in LA and a lot of other cities.

The next show we’ll be doing is on December 1st. Our good homie Profane organized it. It’s a benefit show, so bring through anything you can donate. Clothes, food, sanitary items, whatever you can offer. Profane and Indica will also be performing, along with some dope DJ sets. Hosted by Studiofeenz. Come out and have some fun 🙂!



And finally, our last show of the year will be on December 23rd. This show was also set up by another good homie, Miindset. This is a Hip Hop/Punk show, so there’s bound to be something you’ll like. There’s a lot of great artists on the lineup, so this will definitely be a night to remember. Make sure to come through and celebrate the end of 2017 with us 🙂!



Swami is working hard to finish his next album Conscious Intent. Rollout will begin late December-early January. Keep an eye out for the promo videos and singles 👌. Thanks for reading 😁! Make sure to check back for more info periodically. And keep up with all our moves on our social medias. Oh, and I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year 🙂. Peace

Fall Rising

Exciting new announcements this month! Our homies from AZ set up a dope show with some of Vegas’s finest. It’s free and all ages, so you won’t want to miss it. This one is gonna be straight fire performances 🤙🔥


Then we’re doing another great show out of state, this time in Hollywood, CA 😎. We have our good friends Jamnation, plus a bunch of top tier Vegas and LA heads along with us this time, so we know it’s gonna be crazy 🙏. $5 and all ages, so tell a friend to tell a friend and come on out 👌


Make sure to keep checking back for more updates. We have a few other great moves in the works soon. Thanks for reading 🙂. Peace

The Lotus Tape: Vol. 2!

We have a few exciting announcements to make 😁

First off, The Lotus Tape: Vol. 2 is finally out! I spent over a year crafting this project, so I hope you guys like it. I got some great instrumentals and features on this one, so it’s definitely something you want to bump. You can download it for name your price on Bandcamp. It’ll be on Itunes, Spotify, etc. on October 5. Go download and spread the word!


Next up we have another show September 16! This was set up by a crew of good friends named ONI Inc. The lineup is A1, so you’ll definitely want to come out and vibe 👌. Tickets are $10 pre sale. We can deliver. Or $12 day of show. All ages, so hit us up and let’s go have some fun 😁


We’ll also be doing another show with a crew of friends from Arizona on October 20th. And Jerico will be releasing his next album in October. More info on those in the next few weeks.

And finally, we’ll be doing our next out of state show in Hollywood! It took me a while to find a venue, but I’m glad we got it in such a prime location. The date is November 3rd. All ages, $5. Lineup TBA, so keep an eye on our social medias for more updates 👌

Thanks once again for the love and support guys 😁. We can’t wait to unveil these next few moves. We’re gonna end this year strong and start next year even stronger 🙏


We have a few moves happening this month. First off we’d like to say thank you to everybody that came out to Bay Heat 👌. It always feels good to make it out to a different city and network with fresh faces. We released the final single off our upcoming mixtape The Lotus Tape: Vol. 2 the day after. You can listen to it here:


The mixtape will be released on September 5th. The singles can be found on all online stores and streaming services. The rest of the tape will be on Google Play, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. We will also be having a mixtape release show at The Waterhole on September 2nd. Keep an eye out for the flyer and links 👌.

Our rap contest is still going on! We’ll be announcing the winner on September 2nd. Entries are open til then, so if you have bars and want to win $100 then submit ASAP 🔥. Here’s the playlist of all the submissions so far: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvm8aGHHRy9H7yHjhp7b6r7zp8jHEUYXu

Finally, we’ll be opening up for the one and only Gavlyn on August 12th 👏! We’ve been big fans for a long time, so we’re excited to share the stage with her and our bredren Profane.

DGGwdRmUMAArv2V.jpg large

We always have other moves in the works, so make sure to keep an eye on all our social medias for more updates. Thanks a lot for reading 😁! Peace ✌️

Heating Up

The month of July is gonna be very busy for the label. Starting off we’re gonna have another amazing Vegas Heat show on the 8th! We have a lot of really great artists on the lineup, so you’ll definitely want to come through and check it out. This one will once again be at Culture Collective, with DJ Miho on the boards. Free and all ages, invite a friend!

VH July GIF.gif

After that we’ll be opening up for Gremlin at Craig Ranch on July 21st. Flyer will be posted soon. At the end of the month we’ll also be doing our next out of state show in the Bay Area 👏! This one will be held at Space 115 in Sunnyvale, CA. We’re bringing a few Vegas artists with us, plus some locals on the lineup as well. Hosted by Yvet Armeni and DJ AR on the board. This one’s gonna be epic, so make sure to spread the word!

Bay Heat GIF.gif

We’ll also be dropping the 4th single off The Lotus Tape: Vol. 2 the day after. It’s a really chill song produced by Blunted Beatz. It’ll be on all online stores and streaming services, so make sure to keep an ear out 👂

Dreams Artwork.jpg

Our rap contest is also still accepting entries til August 4th. Make sure to spread the word and get the competition going. We’ll be adding more updates as developments happen. Check back soon! And, as always, thanks for reading 😁. Peace